• Dive into the collective, team, and individual undercurrents with our comprehensive training program
  • Start in a small group with a training, aimed at the collective or individual undercurrent
  • Complete your training with our concise modules for the remaining undercurrents

One training, two paths

Without an existing background in the theory of Graves, you start with our training, where you can choose from two different paths. The path you choose depends on the depth of the dive you want to begin with: collective (blue path, from bottom to top) or individual (yellow path, from top to bottom). Both include Graves’ theory, practically supplemented with the specific undercurrent as a starting point.

A dive into the deepest, collective undercurrent leads you to culture and energy, focused on (strategic) transformation, and as a basis for successful team or organizational development. A dive into the individual undercurrent leads you to personal motivations, focused on individual and team development.

All undercurrents are interconnected. To work at any depth, you supplement the foundational training with our separate modules. For example, if you work with teams regularly, you start with the foundational training on the individual level and supplement it with the separate team module. If you already have a solid background in the theory of Graves, you can skip the training and enroll directly in the individual modules.

Whichever path you choose, you determine the content and schedule of your training yourself. Our full range of offerings and registration options can be found below.

Our entire training portfolio is available online and in small groups, with a maximum of 4 participants. Additionally, the courses and modules are divided into one or more compact blocks, allowing for extreme flexibility regarding start dates and scheduling. As a result, you can always start promptly.

And after that?

You are at a new starting point as an SD Expert. On your own, with or without your own SD Partnership, you will delve into deepening your knowledge and experience. Only then will everything you have learned fit seamlessly into your own practice, like a glove. Even in this phase, we are here for you. After all, you are part of an active network of SD Experts who enjoy learning from and with each other.

We facilitate an annual SD Partner Day, often with a specific theme and the opportunity to meet new colleagues. We also host a focused learning group around the Collective drijfverenDNA™, the SD Collective Learning Group. Additionally, we gladly provide occasional supervision on an individual or group basis, regardless of the level you work on: collective, team, and/or individual. All of this is aimed at deepening and expanding your knowledge and experience, free of charge, simply because your training does not end after the last block.