Collective, Team and Individual

Our approach focuses on the three undercurrents, each at its own depth, as illustrated in the iceberg shown alongside.

The iceberg bears the symbolic weight of the entire organization and extends to its deepest layer, the collective undercurrent. Here lie the intangible forces of culture and energy. Based on shared past experiences, these forces manifest themselves in the present, sometimes efficiently, but all too often not. The next layer focuses on team dynamics and determines the collaboration among team members in the here and now. The third layer encompasses individual drivers, which unconsciously guide the thinking, feeling, and actions of each employee.

All layers are interconnected. The forces arising from them greatly influence the vitality and development of the organization. Spiral Drives provides insight into each layer, aiming to resolve bottlenecks and blockages.

Below, you can read more about the application on each layer.


  • Strategic reorientation
  • Cultural transformation
  • Tough development issues

Important developments within teams or organizations often have a significant impact and are linked to a long history. Often without our awareness, it's precisely during these times that the deepest undercurrent plays a crucial role in the success of the development.

This is evident, for example, in persistent, so-called tough developmental challenges that, despite various attempts, seem unsolvable. Often, they stem from negative past experiences. When these experiences are insufficiently processed, they embed themselves in the collective layer. The cause extends beyond individual and team dynamics, requiring a radically different approach.

This also applies to organizational-level development, such as mergers, collaborations, or autonomous transformations. As traditional ways of thinking and working come under pressure, counterforces from the collective undercurrent become active. It's not a question of whether they determine the success of the intended development, but to what extent. Ignorance or neglect does not contribute to the success of the initiated development.

Spiral Drives provides clear insight and thus makes the forces from the collective undercurrent discussable. This creates an effective basis for letting go of the past and effectively working towards a desired culture for the future. With powerful and practical tools, support is provided in the various phases of the development process, under self-regulation or under the guidance of an expert SD Expert from our network.


  • (Project)Team kickoff
  • Team development
  • Efficiency improvement

An employee always forms part of a team and is influenced by the specific undercurrent of that team. As a result, some teams collaborate effectively without explicit communication, while others exhibit inefficiencies. Don't settle for the status quo; take action for the next step!

Whether you're launching a new team or seeking to further develop an existing one, Spiral Drives provides insight into the dynamics of the undercurrent at the team level. We show you how the drivers of team members unconsciously relate to each other and exert their influence. Where do they strengthen each other and contribute to productive energy, and where do they potentially obstruct each other, creating corrosive energy and inefficiency?

Team members become aware of the underlying sources behind the daily dynamics in their team, with each member playing their own unconscious role. In this process, the effect of existing similarities and differences becomes clear, and concrete steps are taken to leverage both more effectively. Improve the team's vitality and directly contribute to greater productive energy and efficiency.


  • Coaching and counseling
  • Career development
  • Vitality enhancement

Whatever the cause may be, sooner or later, most of us encounter our own limits. Individual issues are therefore quite common. Coaching and counseling are accepted and accessible ways to work on these, both through the employer and independently.

In one or multiple personal sessions, you'll gain insight into the current situation, including your own role and responsibility. From there, you'll work towards a new perspective, focusing on yourself and achieving optimal alignment with your (work) environment.

Individual drives play a central role in this because they unconsciously guide thinking, feeling, and actions. This is often effective, but sometimes unconsciously ineffective. Spiral Drives raises awareness of this by making drives visible and tangible. Under the expert guidance of the SD Expert, the focus is on gaining more personal control over your own thinking, feeling, and actions. It is the basis for successful development.

Finally, you are always part of a team and organization. For this reason, it is essential to always consider individual issues in the broader perspective, as the various layers are inherently interconnected.

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