About us

We are the specialists

We are the practical Graves specialists excelling in a combination of research, development, and design. These are the pillars through which we have been simplifying and managing the complexity of individuals, teams, and organizations for about 20 years.


All our instruments and tools are based on solid scientific research into the work of Professor Clare W. Graves. We work closely with a group of psychologists and researchers, to stay up to date with the latest research developments, so we can keep improving our products.


Our developers are smart, innovative and creative. They go for the best solutions, whether it is instruments, tools or the online platform. We invest a significant amount of our turnover into development. That’s how we keep our products cutting edge in all areas, including security and privacy.


We understand that professionals want to work with attractive, well-thought-through products. After all, how easily you can work greatly determines your success. That’s why we put a lot of care into the form and usability of all our products.

At Spiral Drives, our brains love analyzing complex theories, our hands thrive on building really smart products and we are thrilled when we get a product to work simply and clearly.

Our fascination with the role of deeper drives has kept us actively working on developing people, teams and organizations based on the scientific research of Professor Clare W. Graves, also known as Spiral Dynamics™, ever since our start.

We are a typical 3.0 organization. We don’t do luxury offices, expensive lease cars or salaried employees. Instead we work with experts in their own fields such as Psychology, Psychometrics, software development, graphic design, accountancy and legal affairs. We want to work with people who are just as engaged as we are, inside as well as outside our organization.

We stand for excellent products, accompanied by exceptional support, 7 days a week.
We love personal contact and invest in relationships. Clients experience us as open, direct, and honest.
We love doing fair business, which is reflected in our rates. Outstanding products at a fair price.

What drives us?

We feel joy when individuals, teams, and organizations progress, preferably in multiple consecutive steps. We eagerly get out of bed every morning knowing we can contribute to their development.

We realize that our instruments form a crucial foundation for development. They enhance understanding and awareness of the undercurrents and their impact on behavior. It’s the starting point for every development, at the collective, team, and individual levels.

We enjoy working with professionals, both within our internal organization and in the field, where certified SD Experts use our instruments daily. We love collaborating with and working for people.

Our work is highly versatile. We constantly switch between various roles, from trainer to developer, advisor, coach, examiner, marketer, supporter, test developer, and more. This requires tremendous flexibility from us, which also fuels our energy and contributes to the success of our organization.

Success for us means that individuals, teams, and organizations can take significant steps in their development. The feeling that we indirectly contribute to this is the definition of success and richness for us.

Together with our colleagues, we do this with enthusiasm, and we’re excited to take you along!

Ed Peelen
Director Spiral Drives