Get the best out of you and your team with drivesDNA™

How does it work?

Your drivesDNA™ is your automatic pilot. It serves you to act quickly and effectively. Only 5% of your actions come from your conscious mind, the rest is subconsciously driven from your drivesDNA™. It is precisely this subconscious control that ensures that you can act quickly and effectively in most situations you come across. Your unique drivesDNA™ makes it all possible.

Your drivesDNA™ is formed by your experiences. It acts as a sort of subconscious memory. Spiral Drives™ offers you insight into your drivesDNA™ and how your automatic pilot works. Discover what controls your thinking, feeling and acting. Check the workings of your automatic pilot and adjust the controls. That’s how you get the best out of yourself and each other!

Spiral Drives™️ gives you crystal clear insights into your drivesDNA™️, translated into concrete action. Our unique combination of research, development and design makes human complexity easy to understand and manage. We have been continually improving for over 15 years along with our network of certified SD partners. What began as ValuesManagement, was reborn as Spiral Drives in 2020.

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