Starting point for successful development

The undercurrent

In the undercurrent lies the unconscious driving force behind the behavior of the individual, team, and the entire organization. This force is determined by our individual and collective experiences, which are stored in the drivesDNA™.

It's a deeply rooted mechanism intended to keep us on course based on our past experiences. However, the question arises whether those experiences and the lessons we've unconsciously learned still optimally align with the circumstances we find ourselves in now.

Spiral Drives provides you with answers to that question by offering detailed insight into the undercurrent at various levels. You'll know which path to take to truly develop practical attitudes and behaviors for success in the present moment.

We provide you with effective tools and instruments focused on the collective, team, and individual undercurrent. Each has its own characteristics, influence, and effect. You can learn all about them on this website.

Application across three layers

The application focuses on three layers, the three different undercurrents: collective, team, and individual. There, we provide insight and control over the specific dynamics of each undercurrent. It makes the effect on the desired development concrete and tangible, whether it is strengthening or inhibiting. With this specific knowledge, you are able to make development successful. Whether it concerns individual employees, teams, or the organization, you choose which layers to involve in the development.

To applications

Collective drivesDNA™

Insight into the deepest undercurrent of teams and organizations. Grip on culture, energy and identity as the ground work for successful, strategic development.

Team drivesDNA™

Teams work best where team members build on each others’ strengths. Spiral Drives shows you the underlying patterns so you can optimize team dynamics. This is THE route to vital and successful teams.

Individual drivesDNA™

Getting the best out of yourself and others starts with your drivesDNA™. Improve your personal leadership, communication and teamwork. Get in control of yourself.

Spiral Drives™ embodies clear insights into the undercurrent, translated into actionable steps. Our unique blend of research, development, and design renders human complexity understandable and manageable. Rooted in Clare W. Graves' motivation theory and supplemented by Spiral Dynamics™, our instruments offer tangible insights into the drivesDNA™ across every individual layer. Available since 2005 in multiple languages, they are backed by a network of experienced SD Experts. Collaborating with them, we stand as specialists in effective and successful development at collective, team, and individual levels.

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