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If you work with the Individual drivesDNA™ and also coach teams, the Team drivesDNA™ is a valuable addition. Upon completing this concise module, you will gain surprisingly clear insight into the sources of team dynamics.


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Insight into team undercurrents

This compact module adds a valuable extra dimension to working at an individual level. It provides insight and grasp of the dynamics within teams by consolidating the individual drivers of team members into a single overview. Clear and comprehensive.

The Team drivesDNA™ shows at a glance where the strengths lie, if there are blind spots, and where potential sources of tension exist. It serves as input for development, where team members themselves conduct exploration, and you, as an SD Expert, guide them in finding meaning and connecting concrete developmental steps.

The Team drivesDNA™ literally operates based on the existing Individual drivesDNA™. Hence, no additional questionnaire or extra effort from the participants is required. It is available with a simple press of a button for the entire team or for a (sub)selection in the case of larger groups. More complex selections can be done through the SD LAB™, an interactive analysis and presentation tool included in the module.

The program is compact, consisting of only one online session lasting 3 hours, in a small group with a dedicated instructor. Due to its short duration, you can quickly get started. The module includes our guidance for your first project, enabling you to apply the instrument effectively in real-world situations.

  • 1 online block (ZOOM)
  • Access SD LAB™
  • Application Team drivesDNA™
  • Active supervision 1st project
  • Requires certification at individual level
  • Optional follow-up module: Collective

Concretely after completion?

As an SD Expert, you provide clear insights into team dynamics through your sharp analysis of the Team drivesDNA™. You raise awareness among team members and their managers about the impact of their own unconscious drives on the team as a whole. You encourage personal ownership and leadership, enabling each team member to contribute effectively to strengthening the team. In this way, you successfully guide the enhancement of vitality and productivity within team(s).

You already have a solid grasp of the basics of the Individual drivesDNA™ instrument and are now adding a practical team layer to it. You excel at translating insights into concrete and actionable steps for the teams you work with. With an active learning mindset, you continuously strive to improve your knowledge and experience in team facilitation. The Team drivesDNA™ aligns closely with your role as a team coach and/or trainer. As an SD Expert, you guide teams to reach a "next-level" in their development.

  • Clear and sharp insights into various aspects of team dynamics
  • Awareness of the impact of individual drives on team dynamics
  • Encouraging personal ownership and leadership as a catalyst for action
  • Enhancing vitality and productivity of teams
  • Practical and effective guidance provided by you as SD Expert
  • Building upon the familiar Individual drivesDNA™

Dive deeper into team dynamics

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