SD Collective Training

Focused on transformation processes where the collective undercurrent plays a defining role. This involves focusing on understanding culture and energy, to successfully guide the team or organization through their transformation process.


Organization consultants, advisors and trainers
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Strategic impact with the Collective drivesDNA™

This elementary training is the quickest path to becoming an SD Expert at the collective level. You will learn all about Clare W. Graves' theory, supplemented with the corresponding Collective drivesDNA™ instrument focused on the collective culture and energy present. After completion, you'll be able to independently apply it within your own practice or organization.

The training is geared towards initiating and guiding (strategic) transformation processes, where the collective undercurrent plays a fundamental role. The Collective drivesDNA™ instrument provides visibility and control over culture and energy in the collective undercurrent of teams and organizations, offering optimal support for successful transformation processes.

The entire training is conducted online, under the guidance of an instructor. Opting for an online format allows for the program to be easily divided into smaller blocks. The intervals between blocks provide an opportunity to digest and deepen the material. Through interim assignments, you'll learn to practically and concretely apply the theory to your own practice, ensuring an optimal learning outcome.

The training starts with five online sessions, each lasting 3 hours, where you'll be part of a small group under the guidance of a dedicated trainer. Our approach is personalized and includes active guidance from the first online session to your first concrete project. The start and scheduling of the course are flexible and always discussed with all participants.

The average duration is 4-6 weeks, but with a tight schedule, it can be reduced to a minimum of 2-3 weeks.

  • Collective as starting point
  • Basic theory Clare W. Graves
  • Application Collective drivesDNA™
  • 5 online blocks (ZOOM)
  • Active supervision 1st project
  • Includes 1 year SD Partnership
  • Access "Collective Learning Group"
  • Optional modules: Individual and Team

Concretely after completion?

You have reached a new level with greater depth and significant impact on your clients. You provide visibility and control over the deepest undercurrents in teams and organizations. You reinforce existing strengths and transform potential tensions from the undercurrent into power. Teams and organizations thrive under your guidance.

Moreover, you have become a credible partner in strategic organizational development. You offer concrete tools to ensure the success of such endeavors by providing tangible insight into the intangible forces of culture and energy in the undercurrent. This way, you offer practical advice to boards and executives and actively work with teams or organizations.

As an SD Expert, you are the foundation for your clients' success. We work behind the scenes to enhance your impact and make your projects succeed. After all, your success is our success.

  • you offer clear insight and grip on culture and energy in teams and organizations
  • you turn tensions into qualities and open the path to vitality
  • you are a strategic sparring partner for the board and management
  • you increase the success factor in (strategic) development
  • you are at the helm of strategic development based on solid analysis
  • you empower teams and organizations for continued ownership beyond your involvement
  • you leave your client at a "next level," where the development process continues

SD Expert at the collective undercurrent?

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