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Understand personal behavior through individual motivations. Make clients aware of their inner compass and teach them to effectively align it with their current situation. A valuable addition to working at the collective level.


Coaches, (career) counselors
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Monthly, dates in consultation
Online, via ZOOM
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Individual drivesDNA™ sets people in motion

This module focuses on the Individual drivesDNA™ tool, based on Clare W. Graves' foundational theory. You will be able to independently use the instrument within your own practice or organization after completion. The module is geared towards one-on-one guidance by coaches, counselors, or career advisors.

The module complements the SD Basic Training Collective, assuming that you already have practical experience working at the collective level.

The program consists of two online blocks of 3 hours each, in a small group with a dedicated instructor. After completion, you will begin your personal certification, which you will finish within 6 weeks after the final training block.

The average duration of the course is 4-6 weeks, but with a tight schedule, it can be reduced to a minimum of 2-3 weeks.

  • Application Individual drivesDNA™
  • 2 online blocks (ZOOM)
  • Personal certification
  • Free expert consultation
  • Requires Graves knowledge (SD Training or comparable)
  • Optional follow-up module: Team

Concretely after completion?

You are an SD Expert, capable of providing clear insight into the underlying dynamics of your clients' individual issues. Through your sharp analysis, you encourage clients in their autonomy and personal development. Once something is seen, it becomes conscious, including its consequences and responsibilities. There is no turning back, only moving forward.

You have mastered the basic fundamentals of the Individual drivesDNA instrument and make it applicable in a tangible way for your clients. Adopting an active learning attitude, you continuously expand your knowledge and experience. You are successful in your role as an SD Expert, supporting individuals to reach the "next level" in their development.

  • Quick and effective insight into complex dynamics
  • Sharp and clean problem analyses
  • Targeted and effective interventions
  • Activation of ownership and leadership
  • Effective coaching and mentoring
  • Expert amongst experts

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