SD Learning Group – Collective

A continuous program tailored for experienced trainers and organizational advisors focusing on the deepest undercurrent: the collective layer with culture and energy.

Many standard development programs follow a team-centric approach, with clear steps from A to B. These programs are based on team dynamics formed by individual team members. It has proven reasonably successful when employing the Individual and Team drivesDNA™ instruments.

In March 2020, we introduced SD Next Level Development, featuring our 3-layer approach: Collective, Team, and Individual. Here, it’s not the team or individuals that serve as the starting point, but the deeper collective culture and energy. This is where the resilience of teams and organizations resides. In SD Next Level Development, this forms the starting point for strategic team and organizational development, thanks to the unique Collective drivesDNA™ instrument.

SD Next Level Development flips the direction of development, initiating from the collective. This delves deeper, has a greater strategic impact, and proves more effective in complex development challenges.

This new approach demands not just a different perspective but also a new methodology for you as a SD Expert. You need to comprehend and guide processes at this layer, including the more intricate, underlying issues that manifest there. This is precisely the purpose of this ongoing learning group.

You’ll become aware and adept at working from the collective layer of the drivesDNA™. You’ll operate from the layer where collective culture and energy reside. This serves as the starting point for further development of teams and individuals, now finely attuned to the collective context. Sometimes, this even requires an intervention at the collective level before effective steps can be taken at the team and individual levels.

A project at the collective layer inherently carries greater strategic impact and long-term effects. This demands commitment and engagement from both the client and the SD Expert to truly embark upon it.

Practical Information:

Prerequisite for participation includes basic knowledge and experience in the Collective drijfverenDNA™ and team- and organizational development from the undercurrent.

The learning group offers a unique opportunity to learn how to scale towards more strategic team and organizational development using Spiral Drives’ 3-layered approach and related instruments. You’ll learn from fellow SD Experts, each with their own expertise in this deep layer.

Schedule   : 2 cycles per year, one before and one after summer
Frequency : Once a month (a cycle comprises 5-6 sessions)
Location     : Online via ZOOM
For               : Maximum of 10 SD Experts, with work experience in the collective undercurrent
Language  : English

Required   : Completed education or module for the Collective drivesDNA™

Participation is free, subject to admission and active engagement.

Interested? Send an email with your motivation to