Individual drivesDNA™

Getting the best out of yourself and others starts with your drivesDNA™. Improve your personal leadership, communication and teamwork. Get in control of yourself.

Be in control of your own drives

The Individual drivesDNA™ provides a clear and concrete view of drives, THE control mechanism behind thinking, feeling and acting. It’s why you do things in the way you do.

Drives are deeply rooted in our subconscious and control a lot of our behavior. On average, we are able to pay attention to 7 different things at one time, the rest is left up to our subconscious. That’s where our drivesDNA™ comes in.

The drivesDNA™ is mainly formed by our past, subconscious (life) lessons in our upbringing and experiences at work and in our private life. We store these and then translate them subconsciously into certain preferences for and resistance to actions and behavior.

Knowledge of your drivesDNA™ teaches you about yourself. Experiences in your work and private life suddenly makes sense. You see what works and what doesn’t. You become aware of the subconscious control behind your behavior and strengthen your personal leadership and effectiveness. Get in control of your own drives.

  • learn all about your subconscious behavior patterns
  • recognize the practical effect of your preference, resistance and energy balance
  • transform this step-by-step into more personal effectiveness
  • update your drivesDNA™ with new lessons

Your drivesDNA™ uncovered

The drivesDNA™ has a number of different elements, that give you a complete picture of your drives. As an SD Expert you learn how to translate this picture into insight and development.

The two most important elements are illustrated below:

Preference, what drives you

The drivesDNA™ starts with your preference, simply put: what drives and activates you. The diagram shows all of your drives from highest right down to your lowest preference.

The highest preference drives determine your thinking, feeling and acting most strongly and they kick in one after another.

In the example below the first drive to be activated is orange (results focus, entrepreneurial and success), followed by red (decisiveness, pace and alertness) and then yellow (autonomy, insight and concepts).

[English version follows shortly]

Resistance, what inhibits you

The second important element in your drivesDNA™ is your resistance, that inhibits you. These are your negative drives.

Your negative drives determine your internal, negative reactions if you meet the characteristics of these drives in every day life. The diagram goes from the highest to the lowest resistance.

In the example below, there is a large resistance to red. That means if this person is confronted with decisiveness, pace and alertness in others, they experience a large internal resistance.

[English version follows shortly]

Strong resistance quickly leads to irritation and that can completely take over. At this point there is little or no room for thinking, feeling or acting from your natural preference drives. In the end, your resistance can imprison you and take away your freedom of choice.

The above example shows the drive red both as a preference as well as a resistance. This doesn’t seem to make any sense, but it actually happens all the time. This is a potential tension that we feel as a dilemma or inhibition.

All in one personal, easy to understand report

You’ve already seen some simple examples of what drivesDNA™ can reveal to you. Taken as a whole, the drivesDNA™ elements reveal the complex dynamics of the control behind thinking, feeling and acting.

We have stored our experience in reading and interpreting many thousands of driveDNAs in one clear, simple-to-understand knowledge system. Currently, it is a source of more than 500,000 nuances, so Individual drivesDNA™ can be interpreted in a completely automated way and transformed into a unique, personal reports. Literally, every Individual drivesDNA report™ is different.

The report is available as a pdf document or as a full-color printed report. The pdf is kinder to the environment. The printed report is easier to read, and it has a higher practical value; read it whenever and wherever you like, and share it with others as well.



7 constructs, based on the research of Clare W. Graves (purple through turquoise)






approximately 20-30 minutes






Individual guidance, (career) coaching, counselling


Diagrams one page of diagrams (A4 pdf) with four diagrams

Report, 32 pages, full-color spread, magazine style. Contains explanation, personal interpretation, points for (self) research and development, background information


SD Base + certification

As a professional Spiral Drives is the right place to be

We offer you access to advanced instruments, tools and an active network of SD Experts.

Individually is the most personal and direct way to work. You will feel at home with the Individual drivesDNA™. This easy-to-use instrument gives you practical insights into the complex dynamics behind everyone’s thinking, feeling and acting.

The results also offer you access to the past, where the subconscious lessons and experiences live that are the breeding ground for everyone’s drivesDNA™.

You check if the source of your drivesDNA™ is still current or if it needs to be updated. Happiness at work, greater personal effectiveness and concrete contributions now go hand in hand.

Choose if you want to work with the results of the Individual drivesDNA™ as raw diagrams or the nuanced personal report.

The client decides and you deliver in any form, according to the highest standards. Select a pdf or professionally printed report with one click of a button. These will be delivered within 1 working day, however many you ordered.

  • practical insight into complex individual dynamics
  • access to the past, THE source of the drivesDNA™
  • check and determine if your autopilot (drivesDNA™) needs an update
  • work with raw diagrams or the personal report
  • get a pdf or printed report with one click of a button
  • from one to hundreds of reports, delivered within 1 working day

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