Collective drivesDNA™

Insight into the deepest undercurrent of teams and organizations. Grip on culture, energy and identity as the ground work for successful, strategic development.

Ready for "next level"?

Every department, every team and every organization has an undercurrent. It can often even take control of a group. In its origins this has very positive purpose. It is a natural and deeply rooted mechanism, aimed at protecting a group and increasing the chances of survival.

For example, where there has been an unsafe experience in a team that has not been fully solved, this experience can tunnel into the team’s collective memory. This can then turn into an unwritten rule. Afterwards team members think twice before giving their opinion openly and honestly. The intention is positive, but at the same time it also holds the team back in its growth.

This is what the Collective drivesDNA™ is all about. It maps out the undercurrent in terms of culture, energy and identity. The drivesDNA™ is again at the core, but here it’s the collective level. This means that it fits seamlessly with the Team and Individual drivesDNA™.

Strategic development starts with the Collective drivesDNA™. It is quite simply more successful if the undercurrent aligns with the targets that have been set. Everyone knows this, but up till now it has been difficult to make this tangible. The arrival of the Collective drivesDNA™ has made the invisible undercurrent a thing of the past.

If the undercurrent is aligned with the development needed, you have a green light to go on. You are on the right track. If the undercurrent contains concerns, then the traffic light is orange. You can continue on your way, but you also need to pay attention to some aspects that have been uncovered in the undercurrent. The Collective drivesDNA™ gives you concrete ways to do this. Finally, the undercurrent can also point to serious blockages leading to a red light. These points absolutely need to be dealt with before you can start the development. This is hardly ever a surprise by the way. In this case, you now have a concrete starting point to get to work.

  • visible and tangible undercurrent
  • for diagnosis or development
  • direct mirror, nothing remains hidden
  • clear view of culture, energy and identity
  • starting point for judgment-free conversation or process
  • stimulates ownership and personal leadership
  • concrete tools for improvement/development
  • based on scientific theories (Graves, Bruch and Vogel)
  • from SD Expert to strategic sparring partner

What does it consist of?
The Collective drivesDNA™ contains three main elements, shown in diagrams in the results:

  • drives
  • energy
  • identity

We measure using the absolute measurement method, so everything is mapped out separately. This is different to the usual individual Graves tests, that mostly use the ipsative method.

This measurement method makes this instrument more suitable for analysis, diagnosis and development. Each sub-element of culture, energy and identity can now be scored at both a maximum and minimum level. A maximum score on green for culture is possible, for example, at the same time as a maximum score for orange. This is unthinkable in an individual test, as the points are always distributed between the drives. This makes the Collective drivesDNA™ more precise and more concrete for practical use.

Below you can find a culture diagram from the Collective Drives DNA™ as an illustration. You can see a scale from 0 to 10, where each score is independent of other scores. The sub-elements of culture, purple through turquoise, are shown in the order of the Graves development model. There is no 1st place, as each drive has its own role to play in the culture.

The diagram shows the structure of the collective culture. How solid are the foundations (purple, red, blue)? How is the action and results focus (orange)? You continue in this way until you get to turquoise. As an SD Expert you are responsible for guiding processes aimed at the impact of this culture on the functioning, vitality and development plans of the collective.

Spiral graphics

[English version follows shortly]

This diagram is only a simple example. As an SD Expert you can also use detailed aspect scores. This gives you insight into the more than 50 different detailed aspects measured in this group. This is very valuable input for the process.

In addition, energy and identity are mapped out in a diagram form. Every element has its own type of diagram, that perfectly fits what needs to be visualised. The result is compact and simple to navigate, with an enormous source of details, that can be used to get to work in practice.

Instrument specifications


7 constructs, based on the research of Clare W. Graves (purple through turquoise)


4 constructs, based on the research of Heike Bruch and Bernd Vogel (productive, comfortable, corrosive, inert)


2 constructs, based on the research of Heike Bruch and Bernd Vogel (pride, perspective)


absolute, without norm groups




20 minutes (online)




unlimited, samples possible with large numbers, depending on application


Collective: departments, teams, business units or the organization as a whole


Compact, with three pages of diagrams (A4 pdf) with in total 5 diagrams with short explanations


SD Extended training

Your role in strategic organizational development

Welcome to the next level in organizational development. From now on you can add the undercurrent and its effects to everything you do as a trainer or advisor. You know how to make it concrete and tangible enough for your client that conversations sometimes become tense. You dare to do this because you know what you are doing and that means you can make a real difference.

You are a serious discussion partner for your client when it comes to strategic organizational development. This helps you build a longer-term commitment, because your expert advice and support is essential for every next step. Guiding staff members and/or teams becomes part of a bigger plan. Achieve impact AND effect in one go.

You are also very valuable to organizations using other Graves-based instruments, such as Management Drives or Profile Dynamics. Collective DrivesDNA™ is a very useful, strategic add-on. It touches on a layer that other tools can’t reach.

  • next level organizational development
  • brings the undercurrent to the table
  • sometimes tense and precisely that makes all the difference
  • long term commitment
  • advice and guidance
  • impact AND effect