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Increase your strategic impact on teams and organizations with the Team and Collective drivesDNA™. Get a grip on complex underlying dynamics in teams and organizations. It's we call next level development. Join us and subscribe now.


Trainers, consultants
Estate de Horst, Driebergen, The Netherlands
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Strategic impact based on the drivesDNA™

Learn how to make complex dynamics in teams and organizations visible and transparent in one practical, enjoyable day. Use the drivesDNA™ to perform clear analyses and advisory projects. This forms the basis for bold development with teams and organizations, with you at the helm.

You guide teams to greater effectiveness based on insight and ownership of their own team dynamics. Steer towards successful strategic development by offering a view and control of the forces from the deeper undercurrents, both in the entire organization or in parts. That is the strength of the Team and Collective drivesDNA™ on the work floor. This is now all within your reach.

  • team and organizational development using the three levels: Collective, Team and Individual
  • introduction to the SD LAB, interactive team analysis and presentation tool
  • analysis and interpretation of team dynamics using the Team drivesDNA™
  • introduction to the SD Team Drives Game
  • introduction to the theory of the culture and the energy matrix by Heike Bruch and Bernd Vogel
  • analysis and interpretation of the undercurrent using the Collective drivesDNA™
  • research into practical situations of the participants using the Collective drivesDNA™
  • independent action learning based on cases at a Collective and Team level

Training details

DATA 2020

16-04-2020 (Dutch)


€1.180 ex vat (NL)

Target group

Collective drivesDNA™ instrument

SD LAB, THE interactive tool for team analysis

personal guidance in practice

participation in continuous education


Estate de Horst, Driebergen, The Netherlands


09:00 - 17:00

Trainers, consultants focussed on team- and organizational development


SD Certification at an individual level

Training and relevant experience in team and organizational development


Demonstrable training, certification, knowledge and experience in similar Graves instruments on team and/or collective level

Where does it get you?

You’ve reached a new level. Have even more impact on your clients.

You can now make complex team dynamics visible. You magnify qualities that are already present and know how to transform potential tensions in team dynamics into strengths. Under your guidance, teams become more vital.

In addition, you have become a serious discussion partner for strategic organizational development. You offer concrete tactics to allow projects to succeed with a practical view on the invisible forces of culture and energy in the undercurrent. You are a discussion partner for management and directors. You give clear advice before getting down to work with the organization. We support you in the background, so your project is successful. After all, your success is also our success.

  • you offer clear insight into complex team dynamics
  • you transform tensions into qualities and create more vital teams
  • you are a strategic sparring partner for management and directors
  • you make the undercurrent visible and increase success in strategic development
  • you are at the helm of strategic development based on solid analyses
  • you make teams and organizations responsible, so that the process continues when your assignment finishes
  • you leave your client at their next level, where their development process continues

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