SD Base Training Individual-level

Working with the drivesDNA™ starts here. Thoroughly understand Graves’ theory and translate this into concrete applications with the Individual drivesDNA™. After completion, you become an SD Expert.


Trainers, coaches, facilitators, supervisors, HR staff members
€1625 ex vat
Estate de Horst, The Netherlands
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Individual drivesDNA™ sets people in motion

The SD Base Training is your route to becoming a certified SD Expert. Learn all about Clare W. Graves theory and the Individual drivesDNA™ instrument. After finishing, you will be able to apply this in your own practice or organization. The Foundation Training focuses on 1-to-1 situations, such as coaching, counselling or (career) guidance.

The training includes two training days and a certification process, to be completed in a maximum of 6 to 8 weeks. You also have to complete a number of assignments in your own time. Discover practical and experiential work forms (action learning) to translate the theory into your own practice in a concrete way.

The training includes:

  • scientific research of Prof. Clare W. Graves
  • translation of theory to application of drivesDNA™
  • knowledge about the characteristics and dynamic of all the drives (beige through turquoise)
  • translation drivesDNA™ into daily use
  • Individual drivesDNA™ instrument (analysis and interpretation)
  • working with Individual drivesDNA™ (using own drivesDNA and cases)

Specifications of the training


2 days

DATES 2020

On request


Trainers, coaches, facilitators, supervisors, HR staff


Knowledge and relevant experience in 1:1 work


Demonstrable training, certification, knowledge and experience in similar Graves instruments


€1.625 ex vat (NL)


own drivesDNA™ + 2 certification candidates

certification for individual drivesDNA™

own account in SD Online Test center

membership SD Partner Network

personal guidance from SD

access to continual education

What does it get you?

You create a clear view of the underlying dynamics of your clients’ individual issues. There is no way back from this. With your laser sharp analysis and guidance, you’ll offer your clients control so they can make successful steps in their development. You have mastered Clare W. Graves’ scientific theory and you can apply it in practical ways for your clients. You are successful in your role as a SD Expert and you guide people to their next level.

  • Fast and effective insight into complex dynamics
  • Clear, sharp problem analyses
  • Focused, effective interventions
  • Activating ownership and leadership
  • More effective coaching and guidance
  • Expert amongst experts

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