Areas of application

The drivesDNA™ reviels the autopilot that controls most human behavior. This is a general mechanisme and means the areas of application are very diverse, in fact any context where people work.

Characteristic to the application is that it always serves as an effective starting point for development. No matter if you are working on strategic issues, implementing a change process or need to sort out a personal coaching issue.

Our instruments give you insights into what is really happening, including that what is covered most of the time. This saves you time, money and effort. No drawn-out conversations, extensive research or weighty reports. Go straight to the heart of the matter.

Spiral Drives™ instruments are used by our SD Experts in almost all branches and sectors. They work in training and consultancy firms, as independent trainers/coaches/consultants or as trainers or consultant working internally. You will find us wherever development or transitions are taking place. It all starts with drivesDNA™.

Often-used applications include:

  • Determining strategy
  • Organizational and culture development
  • Leadership development
  • Team development
  • Individual coaching
  • Career coaching

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